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It was brought to our attention that some minors have been playing airsoft and/or trying to sign up in our forums giving fake dates of birth. This is against our community rules. Please wait until you're 18 and avoid legal trouble.

Airsoft Atlanta
Based in the USA, Airsoft Atlanta is our newest sponsor. Take advantage of the weaker dollar and get yourself some new gear from these guys. With a cool website that fits right in with the popular post-apocalyptic scenarios made famous by the likes of BoBKiD and company, be sure to check them out: airsoftatlanta.com

Adventure Gear
Based in Athens, Greece, Adventure Gear is the newest Hellas Airsoft sponsor. Most of you in Athens have already been to their store. They carry tactical gear and apparel and are located in Lekka 31, Syntagma (210-8824402). Check them out: adventuregear.gr

Airsplat.com's Facebook Page Reaches 100,000 Fans!
Facebook is a great place for Airsplat fans to ask questions, post pictures, and interact with them directly. They've been running contests, giveaways, and exclusive sales almost every week since the start. Through this message, they'd like to thank you for your patronage! facebook.com/airsplat
Airosft International
Our new friends in Italy have kicked off 2011 with a membership to Hellas Airsoft and a ton of new goodies we can now get here in Greece. As previous sponsors, they are in Italy and we all know ordering within Europe is fast, easy, and cheap. They'll be publishing some articles about their product line here on our website. Stay tuned! Check them out: airsoftint.com

Our YouTube Channel Keeps Growing!
Visit BoBKiD's YouTube channel and check out his uber kewl videos. Also, search for Airsoft + Greece and you will find tons of new airsoft videos uploaded by the now very active Greek Airsoft Community.
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